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  • Sgt. Sasquatch Action Doll and issue #2

    All-American Sgt. Sasquatch ACTION DOLL!

    Fabric artist MommaCricketz and I teamed up to create a 10-inch tall, plush version of the Sarge! You can order them from the shop page. Each novelty doll is $29 plus $6.95 shipping. We’ll have several Sgt. Sasquatch novelty dolls with us at HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC June 19 – 21. If you’ll be there, […]

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  • Cover of issue #2 of Sgt. Sasquatch: The Bigfoot of Liberty

    Meet Fortune Company in Sgt. Sasquatch #2

    Sgt. Sasquatch joins the Freedom Fighters of Fortune Company to go after the bad guys. But as the team bands together, the nefarious Orgulous strikes! Will Fortune Company survive the baptism of fire? Find out in Sgt. Sasquatch: The Bigfoot of Liberty #2! I put the finishing touches on this FULL COLOR issue about a […]

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  • Sgt. Sasquatch issue #1, page 5

    Free preview of Sgt. Sasquatch #1

    One page from the free sample of Sgt. Sasquatch Issue 1 Enjoy the first five pages of the ashcan version of issue #1 at the low, low price of FREE. If you like what you see, purchase the full, 22-page issue for $4. Whichever version you read, please drop me a line at admin at […]

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  • Sgt. Sasquatch - bee cover

    Sgt. Sasquatch review: “this is a series that has a lot of potential”

    Author and columnist Susan Jane Bigelow reviewed the first issue of Sgt. Sasquatch. This part of the review made me chuckle. God, just look at that title. … It’s glorious. It promises pulpy action and a story that is full of unapologetic Golden Age comic book schmalz. Susan picked up on the Indiana Jones vibe […]

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Sasquatch, super science, sorcery, and Soviets

In 1947 mortally wounded Sgt. Patterson merges with the mystical guardian Sasquatch to battle Dr. Orgulous: The Red Menace. Sgt. Sasquatch is joined by Agent Grey, Merlin, Agent Kid, Aviator Ray Gault, and Specialist Nancy Descartes. Specialist Descartes is the equal of the men of the squad known as Fortune Company. She is a heroine and a role model for all.