Meet Fortune Company in Sgt. Sasquatch #2

Cover of issue #2 of Sgt. Sasquatch: The Bigfoot of LibertySgt. Sasquatch joins the Freedom Fighters of Fortune Company to go after the bad guys. But as the team bands together, the nefarious Orgulous strikes! Will Fortune Company survive the baptism of fire? Find out in Sgt. Sasquatch: The Bigfoot of Liberty #2!

I put the finishing touches on this FULL COLOR issue about a week ago. It’ll make its debut at HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC June 19 – 21. Meet me and fellow artist Craig Bond there!

A free preview of the first five pages of issue #2 is up on Browse through it below, or go directly to the imgur album for larger versions. If you like what you see, purchase the full color, 22-page issue for $5.

Sgt. Sasquatch by Glen Richardson – Issue #2 Preview